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Why Smart Diligence AI

What do you get with

Am I getting a great deal or buying a nightmare? Have you ever wondered how much ACTUAL disease and REVENUE POTENTIAL exist in a practice? With SD, you will know. How good are the existing clinicians at diagnosing and treating disease? How easy would the existing clinicians be to replace…and how likely are you to NEED to replace them? How much specialty potential exists in this practice?

We see things normal assessments don’t know to look for:

Like providers that are treating subsets of normal populations (i.e: heavy pedo, heavy invisalign, heavy complex reconstruction, etc).

Like providers that are missing diagnostic opportunities.

Like providers that have abnormal coding behaviors

Like providers that have abnormal risk due to billing procedures. (high ratios of core buildups to crowns and surgical extractions to simple)

Like bone loss that isn’t being treated.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you purchased a practice and simply elevated them up to the standards of your average practice? We know what will occur and how much additional revenue you’re likely to find or if the acquisition is actually a better performer than your existing practice.

Have you ever wondered if a new acquisition outperforms your existing ones in certain areas?

SmartDiligence by the Numbers

Establishing the Value of the Assessment relative to the amount of time/energy/cost of performing manually.

About the Office

Demographic information as reported by the office, as well as an outline of their secondary requested assessments (HR, OSHA/HIPAA Compliance, Chart Audits, etc)

Summary of Assessment

Key findings, most important numbers.

Office by the Numbers

High level - pulled from PMS

SmartCDT Practice/Doctor/Hygienist

Revolutionary new perspective on how the codes relate to outcomes in the practice, also drilled down into doctors and hygienists

•  Understanding outlier performances of the practice/individuals
•  Isolating individuals that may have niche behaviors
•  Establishing opportunity + clarity


Establishing objective measures of hidden risks and potential pitfalls related to the group, practice and providers

SmartPotential - Patient and Provider

Understand the potential and uncovered revenue ready to be harvested in your investment


Never before seen clarity and specific value-added recommendations from industry mavens to assist you in harvesting the potential revenue and improvements required to optimize performance

Practice Population Potential

Unparalleled AI-powered transparency into the patient population's untapped revenue embedded in uncompleted and/or undiagnosed treatment

Provider Analysis & RiskSmart Assessment

Critical never before seen insights into provider quality and performance

Lower your provider risk through objective understanding of the clinical and malpractice risk of existing providers

Keys to Success

AI-driven insights to grow and protect your dental investment


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