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Product analysis charts produced by smart diligence product.

What do you get with

We see things normal assessments don't know to look for:

Providers that are treating subsets of normal populations.
(i.e: heavy pedo, heavy invisalign, heavy complex reconstruction, etc.)

Providers that are missing diagnostic opportunities.

Providers that have abnormal coding behaviors.

Providers that have abnormal risk due to billing procedures. (High ratios of core buildups to crowns and surgical extractions to simple) bone loss that isn't being treated.

Your questions - answered

Am I getting a great deal or buying a nightmare?

Have you ever wondered how much ACTUAL disease and potential exist in a practice?

How good are the existing clinicians at diagnosing and treating disease?

How easy would the existing clinicians be to replace?

How much specialty potential exists in this practice?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you purchased a practice and simply elevated them up the standards of your average practice? We know exactly what will occur...and how much additional revenue you'll find.

Have you ever wondered if a new acquisition outperforms your existing ones in certain areas?

A comparison of traditional diligence with SmartDiligence product:

Traditional Clinical DiligenceSmartDiligence
Number of charts reviewed per provider 2-10 1,000's
Type of Chart Review Subjective Objective
Manual review of progress notes and billing practices for accuracy and completion
Review of informed consent practices
Assessment against the OIG standards for compliance and risk
Proprietary assessment of key revenue generators in the practice
Proprietary assessment of provider replacement risk due to performance, procedures, and outlier capabilities
Replaces years of assessment and hundreds of thousands of dollars analysis
Gives you actionable insights of the first and most important actions to take upon acquisition
Gives you estimates of the actual $$$ potential waiting in the practice.
Provides remarkable comparisons to your current "best practices"***
Accurately assess the true disease prevalence in radiographs

AI-driven insights to grow and protect your dental investment


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