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AI-driven insights to grow and protect your dental investment


The first and only dental product to
objectively analyze all critical facets of your new acquisition.

What do you get with SmartDiligence?

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Comparative analytical reviews of thousands of radiographs using best-in-class radiographic AI.
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Acquisition-focused analytics on everything from treatment planning to specialties and payor mix.
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Objective analysis of the providers, performance, risk of litigation & risk of revenue continuation in provider loss.
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Concrete recommendations showing you the most efficient paths to ROI.
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Manual chart reviews and certified OIG assessments. (Additional Fee)
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How It Works

We install our software in your flagship location and your acquisition. Our data science team goes to work and you receive a bespoke report. Our team will meet with your team to dig deeper into the assessment.

What You Get

The path of least resistance is simply improving the acquisition to match your flagship. We will show you how much additional revenue you can capture from your acquisition or if the acquisition is actually a better performer than your existing practice.
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Our Reports

Our reports include provider analysis, risk analysis, procedural analysis, insurance analysis and much much more.


Smart Diligence is human wisdom overlaying artificial intelligence. The diverse clinical, operational and scientific team have produced meaningful and actionable dental practice insights for our company. AI is here, now you get to choose your path, I recommend Smart Diligence.

Why SmartDiligence

The team at SmartDiligence is comprised of seasoned DSO CEOs, data analysts, and programmers that have driven hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and transactions, both as operators and advisors. They know what works, and also what doesn't. They also know that the typical due diligence we all perform is, well, a joke. Review 10 charts? Is that really sufficient to uncover big issues? OIG compliance? It might be a requirement, but how can we determine the operational potential of this location?

SmartDiligence is the answer: objective insight that helps you see what you've been missing, and focuses you on the best way to drive ROI from your transaction. Whether you are an emerging group just starting your empire, a seasoned PE buyer closing a huge deal, or any type of strategic acquirer in between, SmartDiligence saves you time, drives actions that reduce your risk, and enhances your bottom line.

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AI-driven insights to grow and protect your dental investment


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